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How to set a due date

There are two ways to set a due date within To-do bot:  

- Within Slack

- In the To-do Dashboard


When you create a task using /todo, you can set a due date by typing the due date in the task details.

E.g. /todo Send marketing brief Monday 9am

This will automatically pick up on the due date as Monday 9am

You can use a date as well, or leave the time out.

You can also add a due date after you have created the task.

Firstly create the task using /todo followed by the task details

E.g. /todo Update stakeholders

Then click on the Add Due Date button

When you click on the Add Due Date button, you can use the Message Menus to type in the due date.

Click on the drop down menu and type the due date.

You can type any due date here and the Bot will pick up on what date you are trying to set.

Press enter when finished and this will save the due date

To-do Dashboard

To add a due date in the To-do Dashboard, locate the task you want to update by typing /todo list in the channel or conversation

Click on the blue task ID that you want to update

This will open up the task details page in the To-do dashboard

Click on Select a due date to add a due date to this task

Choose a date/time

Click on Save

To remove a due date, follow the instructions here

You can update or change the due date by following the same instructions above

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