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How to customize notifications from todobot

  1. Login to Workast using Slack credentials
  2. On the top right hand corner, click on your Avatar
  3. Here you can customize which notifications are sent to you through todobot on Slack


Daily Reminders

Daily reminders are tasks that are assigned to you in a channel or on your personal to do list that are:

  • Due today
  • Overdue
  • No due date

This message is received via todobot through a direct message on Slack.

More info about what Daily Reminders look like in Slack here

Turn on daily reminders

There are three options when customizing the Daily Reminder messages:

  • Send daily reminders: This will show all the overdue tasks
  • Tasks due today: This will show all the tasks that are assigned to you, and due today
  • Tasks with no due date: This will show all the tasks that are assigned to you, which have no due date

When the switch is to the right (shown below), this means the daily reminders are ON.


Days to show daily reminders

The days of the week are shown next to the daily reminders and you can customize which days and what time you would like the daily reminder.

A daily reminder is one message per day.

S M T W T F S represents the days of the week. i.e Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

If the day is highlighted, it means that the daily reminder will be shown on that day.

Choose the time you would like to show the daily reminder.

Double check your Timezone is correct. The time chosen for the daily reminder will be shown in the timezone selected in your settings page.

How to turn off all Daily Reminders

To turn off Daily reminders, click switch to the left next to where it says "Send Daily Reminders"

This will turn off all daily reminders as shown below.


Notifications are shown from todobot in Slack.

Here are the notifications explained:

  • Assigned to a task: In To-do bot, when you are assigned a task you receive a notification from todobot that you are assigned to the task. This is so you know which task you have to work on. This notification is ON by default.
  • A task you created is completed: You may create a task and assign it to another person. To be notified by todobot in Slack when the task you created has been completed, tick this box. This notification is OFF by default.
  • Product update announcements: Approximately once every two months, we send out updates about the new features in To-do bot. This notification is ON by default.

Be sure to SAVE changes to your settings page.

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